Your Partner in Custom Metal Products

Almetaal is always ready to prove its mettle to its customers – we listen to you and apply the right production and assembly methods to meet your needs. We’re ready to advise you on the most suitable materials as well as finishing techniques for your project, such as galvanizing, pickling, polishing, anodizing or powder-coating. Together with you, we end up with a product that is near-ready for assembly when delivered. Everything we do is to reach this single goal: provide you with ready-to-use metal products for optimal efficiency. Ensuring you reach the ultimate results is the best reason that we can think of to contact us in the early stages of your project.


Enneüs Heermabrug Bridge, IJburg Area, Amsterdam
It’s not often that our metal products get to feature as prominently as in the Enneüs Heermabrug Bridge, located in Amsterdam’s IJburg district. One of the city's most eye-catching bridges, it serves as the gateway to the district. This massive project required us to supply nearly 2 kilometers of AISI 316 stainless steel perforated plates, polished and provided with mounting holes.  What’s more, we provided the plates ready for assemby on-site.

Noise Barrier, Amersfoort
A sound wall erected on the A28 expressway near Amersfoort, this enormous metal structure serves as a life-sized billboard for this home products retailer. Our task was to supply the expanded metal for the construction – custom-cut, galvanized and powder-coated in just the right shade of blue. Almetaal was the obvious choice, having already provided the complete cladding and assembly for a branch parking garage in Delft. There, our methods included the extensive testing of expanded metals, the frame and the color samples in order to find the perfect gloss finish.


Utrecht University Library
For this project, we were approached to provide the outside panelling of the university library’s parking garage in wire mesh. We made recommendations as to what type of material should be used as well as the best method for mounting the panels. The result: mesh panels of up to 20 meters in length, vertically stretched between the top deck and ground floor - a clean-looking, transparent and safe solution.



Leidschendam Overpasses
We supplied grating, expanded metal and perforated panels for the construction of these overpasses traversing the A4 expressway near Leidschendam. The panels were hot dip galvanized and given a special anti-graffiti powder-coating. The coating allows for repeated easy removal of graffiti from the panel surface. An additional challenge this project presented was the need to closely follow the architect's design, including supplying the final panels with perforations in several different types and sizes. In order to maintain the character of the structures and keep the assembly simple, we provided expanded metal with an unexpanded border that merges with the frame to give a sense of unity. A project we are truly proud of!

Almetaal Makes It Possible
These are just a few examples of our customized and customer-focused approach to metal products. But our products have so many other uses. Our metal is used in walkways, landings and staircases. It’s there in machines and projects for the sieving and filtering industries. And we’re there to support construction companies. Simply put: wherever you need an expert in metals with holes, Almetaal is there.

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