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At any given time, we have around 1500 standard expanded metal, perforated metal and wire mesh items in stock, providing our customers with one of the widest selections of metal products in Europe. Our products are ready to be shipped out and can even reach you within 24 hours of ordering. So you have the materials you need – fast. If by any chance we do not have the product you require, we guarantee fast service so that your needs are met. In addition, we’re happy to permanently stock any item for customers who regularly require a certain product.


Perforated metal
Perforated metal has a wide range of uses. It can be found on virtually every construction site and is used in many industries. We provide many different types of perforations in a variety of materials, including round, square, octagonal and slot perforations. The perforations can vary from 0.2 to 100 mm in size.

Uses for perforated metal not only include ceilings, balustrades, banisters, and stair and house siding, but also filters and screens, as well as insulation panels.

metaalgaas Wire mesh
Almetaal offers wire mesh in a variety of finishes, including woven, welded, corrugated and flat top crimp screens. Our wire mesh is available in a range of materials and with openings ranging from 0.005 to 200 mm.

Uses for wire mesh include fencing, filters and screens, decorative partitions as well as siding.
strekmetaal Expanded metal
Expanded metal is very versatile. It can be used to contruct enclosures or walkways, but also architectural facades and fencing are increasingly being produced in this material. We have a variety of expanded metals on offer with meshes ranging from 1.5 to 200 mm in size. In addition, we can process the material in order to provide you with a custom finished product. We can also custom shear expanded metal sheets with an overall thickness of up to 25 mm.
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